Need a RentalVehicle?

The Inn at 500 partners with the elite car rental service, Go Rentals, the only car rental company specializing in the private aviation industry and servicing fine resorts and hotels. Hospitality trained professionals meet you at the airport or deliver your luxury vehicle to the hotel for you to use throughout your stay.



- 3815 Rickenbacker St

- Boise, ID 83705

- Phone : (208) 315-8022

Rent A Car

a person standing next to a car
Elite Service
  • All vehicles hand detailed and sanitized
  • Five-Star Hospitality-trained professionals
  • VIP meet-and-greet at private and commercial airports
  • Direct delivery to the Inn at 500 or private residence
  • Fully equipped, low-mileage vehicles
  • Guaranteed make and model
  • Paperwork completed electronically prior to arrival
a car parked on a road
An Unmatched Fleet

Go Rentals’ fleet includes the latest models of compact, midsize, full size, luxury, hybrids, SUVs and passenger vans. So whatever your need, they’ll deliver it according to your specifications.