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Thank you, Boise.

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Thank you for welcoming us into your vibrant, interesting and involved community. We know that change is not always welcome, especially when that change is shaping the cityscape for generations to come. We are grateful you embraced the Inn at 500 Capitol as part of the new iconic Boise skyline.

Thank you for supporting our values. Since the founding of Obie Development Partners by Brian Obie in Eugene, Oregon, we have strongly believed in the importance of feeling not only connected to the places we do business, but also feel compelled to be deeply invested in those places. We believe wholly in community. Without mutual investment from our team in this city and the community’s investment in our vision, we wouldn’t be who we are as company.

Thank you for sharing your artistry with us. From small, intricate designs throughout the Inn to the iconic, statement pieces you’ll notice inside and outside the hotel—art is a way of life at the Inn at 500 Capitol. We’ve gotten to know a number of talented, passionate local artists since we’ve come to Boise who will help shape the personality of our hotel. We look forward to exploring many more relationships and continuing to highlight and showcase local art in our hotel.

Thank you for your partnerships. Our neighbors in BoDo and the Central Addition have already provided us with incredible and endless options for giveaways and will be great entertainment, dining and shopping options for our guests.

Boise, you learned about us while we were learning about you. Now, as we celebrate our grand opening, we are incredibly excited to offer this community the best in hospitality. Boise’s very special boutique hotel that relies on a personal touch, thoughtful details, and of course—you, our community.

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