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Meet, Greet & Eat at the Inn at 500 Capitol

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First impressions are everything. The right meeting space will set the tone, add creative energy, and put new stakeholders at ease. The Inn at 500 Capitol is ready to become your go-to meeting and event resource. Here are ways we can help make your meeting a success.

Details, details, details. Choose to hold your next event at the Inn at 500 Capitol because you agree that luxury is in the quality of service – and the quality of service depends on the details. Attentive service, windows overlooking the city, and stylish décor fused with local flavor combines to create an air of sophistication your guests will enjoy.

Own the room. Not sure what layout would be best to get the creative juices flowing for your meeting? Depending on expected number of attendees and the type of meeting you envision, we can arrange seating in different ways to facilitate the outcome you desire. Options include rounds, classroom, theatre, u-shape, hollow square, or crescent.

Size matters. Your guests won’t appreciate being crammed into a room that’s a few sizes too small, but you also don’t want to have awkward empty space draining the focus of your meeting. Our three different event spaces give you enough options to appropriately fill the room and facilitate the right energy.

Is it time for a break, yet? Whether your break means lunch, snacks, coffee bar or a hosted happy hour, our staff is prepared to anticipate your needs, so you can focus on the big presentation. The details we place top of mind for our overnight guests also apply to those who come by for just a few hours. Catering is provided by Richard’s and will fuel your guests so they can be focused, while also pleasing and impressing the palate.

Mic check, 1, 2. Nothing kicks off a meeting with an awkward tone like faulty technology. We’ll be on-site to handle the mic-checks, presentation run-throughs, and manage lighting. Meet with us to plan ahead and ensure your event reflects the seamless professionalism you want to impart.

Learn more about meeting and event opportunities at the Inn at 500 Capitol here.

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