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Meet the Team: Jessica Ray

How many ways could opening a hotel be similar to theatre design? Front Office Manager, Jessica Ray, makes a direct parallel between what she loved about her undergraduate studies in theatre design, to getting the Inn at 500 Capitol off the ground. “We are constantly molding the end result according to what the team has discussed,” she says, “just like in theatre, we are creating a work of art - the Inn at 500 Capitol.”

An Oregon native, Jessica began working for the Inn at the 5th in Eugene during her senior year of theatre design studies at the University of Oregon. She quickly fell in love with the job and enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life. “It’s exciting to be part of a smaller, independent company where I’ve had opportunity to bring my creativity to the table.”

That creativity has adopted many forms from hiring, coordinating the themed nooks, contacting local artists, to building the property management system. She has grown to admire the Boise community from building relationships with local cultural partners such as the Boise Art Museum, Zoo Boise, the Basque Market, and more. “Everyone shares the same common purpose of making their organization great, to make Boise great,” reflects Jessica, “Naturally, we’ve latched on to that and it has helped us build our brand.”

Jessica is mostly looking forward to bringing new employees to the culture the Inn at 500 Capitol team has built, and seeing how the new ingredients benefit the mix. Jessica is responsible for creating a very special guest experience at the Inn at 500 Capitol. “What’s special to you, is different than what is special to me. Our goal is to personalize every guest experience.”

Jessica is proud of the Inn at 500 Capitol team’s efforts, and says it would be difficult to find one piece of the hotel that hasn’t had even an hour worth of thought put behind it. After Jessica’s training, the service will meet expectations, and go above and beyond to surprise guests with things they didn’t know they wanted. “Through getting to know every guest, we can make personal recommendations for an activity in Boise, a certain amenity package, or an experience they cannot get anywhere else.”

Since her arrival in the spring of 2016, she has come to see Boise as a well-kept secret. The area compliments her interests of being outside walking, running, or biking. When she isn’t enjoying the outdoors, Jessica can be found exploring Boise’s cultural corners – museums, plays, and other shows, or sipping a craft brew at Bittercreek Alehouse or Prost.

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