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Meet the Team: Curt Asmussen

From Boise, to Chicago, and now back to Boise, Curt Asmussen is the Inn at 500 Capitol’s Director of Sales. Curt began looking for opportunities that would bring him back to Boise for the second time after deciding to swap the 12-15 hours/week spent in the car for priceless, quality time with his 11-year-old son and their Australian shepherd-heeler mix, Shoogie.

Curt has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry in both the Chicago and Boise markets. Unlike previous experience working with nationally branded hotels, developing the Inn at 500 Capitol’s brand has been a creative process that Curt has enjoyed being part of. “My voice and opinion matters here – our team looks to each other for input on all decisions from what products should be in the bathroom to what the patio set is going to be like.”

After learning about The Inn at 500 Capitol, he knew it was the right fit for him. “It’s a unique project to the Boise market for the same reasons that brought me here,” says Curt, “It embraces local artistry, neighbors, and community.”

No two days are similar at the Inn at 500 Capitol. He describes his role as fast-paced, challenging, but also rewarding. The Director of Sales duties complement Curt’s ability to be personable, while also employing an analytical mindset. Curt is either engaging and building relationships with potential clients or analyzing data occupancy, rates, and key performance indicators to maximize revenues in an ever-changing market.

Seeing team members’ work and dedication has reinforced Curt’s perception that the Inn at 500 Capitol recognizes and values every team member. “There is a strong sense of family where everyone is appreciated on a daily basis,” says Curt, “This is essential to the overall success of the hotel.”

Curt says if guests are looking for a stay that is distinctively Boise, then the Inn at 500 Capitol is the best fit for them. “We are looking to create memories for our guests based on the service, and special features of the hotel.”

After several years in Chicago, Curt is happy to be back in Boise – a city he feels offers the balanced lifestyle he’s been looking for. “Boise brings balance to people in their professional and personal lives,” he says, “you can have a successful career, then zip out after work to meet a friend or go for a hike in the foothills in just 10-15 minutes.”

Find Curt and his son happily enjoying the outdoors or expanding their expertise as French fry connoisseurs. In case you’re wondering, Idaho Fry Company is ranked first with 5 Guys a close second.

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