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Jany Rae Seda

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One of the most notable elements of the Inn at 500 Capitol is the deep love of art and community. The hotel is highly anticipating the introduction of an artist in residence program and rotating gallery on the first floor – both of which will open with the New Year.

Being located in the center of downtown, surrounded by art, culture and creativity, the addition of an artist in residence and art gallery felt like a natural addition to the Inn at 500 Capitol. The gallery, located off the lobby within the first floor elevator landing, will rotate to feature different artists and offer hotel guests a means to experience local artwork and artists within the hotel.

Jany Rae Seda, an Idaho native and Boise-based artist, is the inaugural artist in residence at the Inn at 500 Capitol. A portion of the lobby will transform into her studio for several months while she constructs a six-foot by ten-foot painting of the Boise Foothills. In addition to the lobby, her work will be the first to hang in the first floor art gallery. Hotel guests and community members are welcome and encouraged to visit the lobby and see Jany Rae’s production develop beginning in January.

Inspired by a panoramic view of the sunset illuminating the Boise Foothills one particular evening, Jany Rae began the base for the sizeable piece that will adorn part of the Inn at 500 Capitol’s lobby. The creation of this piece will evolve through layers, a style that has become signature for Jany Rae, where she will paint wet on wet and wet on dry with burshes and a pallet knife. This particular style allows greater potential for blending and varying colors.

Jany Rae grew up in Mountain Home, Idaho, where she discovered her sense of adventure and love for natural landscapes. She has held many roles from community planner to owning a bookstore. She found her true calling while her youngest daughter experimented with oil painting projects in high school. After her own experimentation and intensive study, she now paints and draws professionally.

Any local artists interested in partnering with the Inn at 500 Capitol to continue bringing artwork to downtown Boise can contact info@innat500.com.

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