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Why Choose Boutique over Big?

In recent years, boutique hotels have increased in popularity among travelers who are tired of cookie-cutter, sterile hotel visits. Travelers who have converted from conventional to inspired stays say boutique beats big, every time. What’s the difference?

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The luxury is in the service. Boutique hotel owners pride themselves on making guests feel taken care of in a way they wouldn’t at a standard hotel. Exceptional, personalized service places you top of mind.

Upscale design. Without having to conform to any corporate versions of design, the composition of boutique hotels reflect inspiration from the local surroundings. The unique character enhances the overall traveler’s experience, and will become part of your fond travel memories.

A stay with a story. Some hotels are merely functional but boutique hotels specifically aim to become part of your travel experience. They tell the stories of local culture and invite you to be an active participant in the current happenings.

Your local connection. In part because of the smaller size, boutique hotels generally enjoy a central location putting you in the center of the action. Not sure what to do with an afternoon? A stroll around the block may not have attractions in the general sense of the word, but you will see, and do, what the locals do.

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Be pampered with unique amenities. Most boutique hotel owners are seasoned travelers themselves, and have made notes on what works and what doesn’t. Those details come alive during your stay and make you feel like you’re at an ever so slightly more luxurious version of your own home.

Intimate atmosphere. Boutique hotels generally have fewer rooms than your standard, chain hotel which makes for a cozy environment. Travelers enjoy getting to know other travelers in the common spaces, lobby, or the bar.

For an inspired stay, consider choosing a boutique hotel over your go-to, big name chain on your next vacation, or business travel. Enhance your experience, get connected to the local pulse, and indulge in a touch of luxury in a smaller, more intimate hotel.

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